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Tips For Renting Office In NYC

Commercial Real Estate Bronx, NY is the Sinarti Building

There are many opportunities to rent commercial Real Estate in The Bronx, NY location. The problem is that the Bronx location, as is the case with many areas in New York, offer a large number of choices, and it’s hard to decide where to look. Businesses want commercial real estate that is affordable, but they also want it in a good neighborhood that offers enough extras to have a satisfactory experience. The bottom line is that renters will want to associate with a commercial real estate property that has all of the benefits necessary for a positive experience, such as the Sinarti Building, commercial real estate perfect for business people and those in the art community and located in a corner space with plenty of light. What makes the Sinarti Building stand out? The environment is eco-friendly, and the areas are affordable. The spaces are fully-serviced and turnkey. The founders of the Sinarti Building have a goal to empower those who love their life’s work and to foster that culture. They also have an especially keen interest in encouraging the artist community, but doing so in a way that respects the community and does not treat them like second-class citizens.

This kind of commercial real estate Bronx, NY location is located in the southwest Bronx in the Port Morris neighborhood which is a block away from the bus stop on Willow Ave and East 134 Street, four blocks away from the Cypress Ave 6 subway and near the Bruckner Expressway. The zip code for the neighborhood is 10454, and it is served by the 40th Precinct of the New York Police Department or NYPD. It is an exciting neighborhood, and that has a lot of style and flavor and is attractive for a business of any kind.



What are the reasons to rent from the Sinarti Building?

1. It has all of the amenities that you expect in a comfortable building.

The features in the Sinarti Building are many, and a person who is looking to rent from a commercial location should take note that the Sinarti Building includes 24/7 building access, a doorman, an elevator, a spacious rooftop, buzzer/wireless intercom, security cameras, vending machines, high-speed Internet, IT support, a global network, air conditioning for those summer hot Bronx days and nights, a company lounge, meeting rooms, facilities for the disabled, commercial class prints, micro-roasted coffee, daily cleaning service, package and mail handling, office supplies, and more.

2. It has unique floor plans for various types of businesses.

The Sinarti Building utilizes different floor plans, so that each kind of business can get a space that’s best suited for them. The building has areas ranging from studios to executive suites, either single or multiple, and they are perfect for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, artists who need exhibition space, and more. This is not the kind of building that has a one-size fits all floor configuration. No matter the business, areas in the building can be suited for that businesses needs.

3. It is a beautiful building that is attractive to a business.

The Sinarti Building is not located in a section of the Bronx that is dark and rarely receives light. Its also not located in an area of high crime and low access to transportation. In fact, it’s an eco-friendly building that has beautiful views due to its being situated in a corner location. As a result, the views that the building offers are beautiful, and these views are obtained through large windows. There’s also a spacious rooftop, something that many NY buildings provide to those who take advantage of them. It’s a place where a business person can go and feel good about coming to work and fufilling their lives’ dreams.

4. For those who co-work, the building is well suited for it.

One of the most popular trends in the 21st-century is coworking. It’s a shared work area opportunity that many businesses are finding to be not only cost-saving when it comes to renting and overhead but also production-inducing. People thrive in co-working environments and want to be as productive and innovating as they can be. Gone are the days when there were only specific ways to work in a business. With today’s innovative solutions, more work is getting done, and it’s getting done in ways that are healthier for a person’s mind, body, and soul.

The Sinarti Building is suited for co-working environments for many reasons including vast space, perks that make the working environment better, and company furniture and equipment that makes the working experience a comfortable one. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, etc. can work in a community type environment or work in a more quiet areas, such as Sinarti’s rooftop.

5. The Sinarti Building offers dedicated Space.

Also in the 21st-century, you will find the popularity of dedicated desk plans growing. A dedicated desk gives a person a permanent work area that can be rented from month-to-month. With these areas come lockable filing cabinets, trash cans, desks, and chairs. They are set up so that you can safely leave your items in your dedicated space without having to transport them every day. You also have the option of bringing your own furniture to the space.

Working in a Sinarti Building dedicated space means that you get the benefits and the perks of working with a community, and depending on your business that can open doors for your future. Working in a community setting can set you up for valuable networking and collaborations and an unique opportunity to work with like-minded individuals.

What you will find with the Sinarti Building is that innovative approaches to working environments are focused on and carried out.

6. It is an excellent place for an art studio.

The Sinarti Building has a special fondest for the creative mind, particularly artists. If you are an artist looking for the best art studio, this commercial real estate Bronx, NY location may be exactly what you need. Because the building is located in the Bronx, rent is cheaper than in other places, such as Manhattan or Brooklyn. In fact, the Bronx has become the place for the emerging artist. In the area, you will find gallery openings and other artistic ventures that immediately let visitors know that the Bronx is artist-friendly. It’s become a place where people in other areas of New York, such as Manhattan, make the trip to the Bronx to see the artistic talents that are offered. The Sinarti Building is becoming known as a place where artists can show off their art and promote to the community and New York as a whole.


Lease Commercial Real Estate Bronx


Rending a space in the Sinarti Building is not only affordable for an artist, but an artist can take advantage of the large warehouse space and windows, studios spaces that are single or multiple, easy access to the NY boroughs, space to hold on-site exhibitions.

Custom build outs are also available. You can design your artistic area with unique suites, customized floor plans, and other requests. Every artist who rents in the building can take advantage of all of the amenities that business people can enjoy.

The Sinarti Building is an example of space in the Bronx that’s not only affordable but luxurious and diverse. No matter what kind of business you do, the building has something for you whether you want a private space or a community space. To arrange an appointment, give the people at the Sinarti Building a call. This is commercial real estate the Bronx, NY location that may offer what you’re looking for in commercial real estate.

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