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Our Dedicated Desk plans in the SINARTI building in The Bronx, NY let you ground your business’s home base in a buzzing hub of creativity and commerce. With this month-to-month office space plan, your workspace is permanent, meaning you and your team work from the same spot each day. Dedicated Desk plans include a Hi speed internet, Mail Service, Meeting Rooms, Cleaning, Kitchen Access and more.  so you feel the peace-of-mind from knowing there’s a station waiting for you every morning, and the ease of not having to carry your stuff around with you all the time. You get all the perks of working in a community, with a space you can really call your own office in the Bronx.


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A desk to call your own in a shared office.
includes desk, Receptionist, Mail Service, Meeting Rooms, Free Coffee, Fast Wifi, Cleaning, Kitchen Access.
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Dedicated Desk in The Bronx, NY 

With our dedicated desk plans, you can ground your company’s home base in a creative, hub workspace of commerce. You will have a permanent work area with our month-to-month work space plan so you and your team will work in the same area on a daily basis. Our dedicated desk includes a lockable filing cabinet, desks, a trash can, and a chair so you can safely leave your items instead of carrying them around all the time. If you prefer, you can also bring more or alternate furniture. We’ll be more than happy to make changes for your setup. Call us today. 

You will have the perks & benefits of working in a community which can lead to many open doors. You can join our creative community and connect in person and online. When companies work in a shared area, you can gain organic conversations through networking. We have a community of innovative entrepreneurs and industry leaders, and you can meet and connect with various companies and like-minded people at different events. 

You will also have access to our all-inclusive, full-scale amenities. The following includes more details of our state-of-the-art amenities: 

  • 24/7 Access– you’ll have 24/7 entry with a dynamic keycard. 

  • Super Fast Internet– secure Wi-Fi with us or hook up your laptop to our hard-wired Ethernet. We have guest log-in capability and IT support. 

  • Commercial-Class Printers/Scanners– each floor has an areas with a commercial-class printer/scanner, paper shredder, and supplies. 

  • Free Refreshments– you can prep your lunch with microwaves or store it in the refrigerators. 

  • Unique, Spacious Lounges– uniquely and elegantly designed furniture and customized art are featured in our lounges. 

  • Onsite Staff– we have onsite staff available throughout the work week. 

  • Cleaning Services– our janitorial crew assists in cleaning around the clock in meeting rooms, common areas, and private offices to help keep the environment in tiptop shape. 

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